Monday, September 10, 2012

Jack Dancer - Rabid Killer

I had a few minutes before heading to bed, so I decided to check out the 2/10 DED site in Heild and see if I could find some trouble.  The site had recently been cleaned out, so I headed to my scanning spot and looked around.  There was a Slasher on scan.

The Slasher is a Minmatar frigate (like the Rifter) that has recently seen some improvements by CCP.  I've thought about flying one to see what they are like, but this seemed like a good chance to check it out from the other side.  I used d-scan and found the Slasher at the sun.  With everything turned up to 11, I headed there at top warp speed.

Rollstone was waiting for me.  We circled and started spewing hot projectiles at each other.  Things went well for my Rifter in this match and the Slasher blowed up!  \o/

     Jack Dancer > gf
     RollStone > gf
     RollStone > moar?
     Jack Dancer > Sure.

I patched up the rifter (it was a bit burned from overheating and the shields and armor needed repairs) and headed back to the sun.  Rollstone was waiting for me - this time in a Rifter.  We again circled and the result was the same.  His Rifter blowed up! \o/ \o/

GFs were again exchanged and we spent some time chatting about builds and implants until he had to head to lunch (it's always amazing how worldwide Eve can be - Rollstone lives in Japan).  I'm sure I'll see Rollstone around more since he said he's based in Heild now.  I look forward to it.

It was nice to be in the winning side of a fight for a change!  Personal Death to Flying Things Campaign Score: 15-31-1


  1. Unbelievable damage is done by you, jack. I thought that I fit something wrong but everything was okay. both piloting skill and skillpoints make you tougher than any other Rifter pilot. Nice read. Cheers

  2. I like it - Jack "Tougher Than Any Other Rifter Pilot" Dancer...

    Thanks Rollstone!