Friday, December 14, 2012

Graduation Day!

With completion of Acceleration Control V yesterday, I'm finished with the Infamous Rifter Plan made famous (errr...  infamous) by Kirith Darkblade.  The plan is designed to max out all the skills that a rifter pilot uses - to put him at the top of the heap (skillwise at least - I still have a long way to go with my personal flying abilities...).  The skills are also valuable for other Minmatar ships.

I took a few sidetrips while on the plan.  I skilled up my covert ops skills to be able to fly a Cheetah probing ship.  I also studied Assault Frigates to level V so that I can fly the Wolf (a meaner Rifter).  And I got my destroyer skill up to V.  I also put a few levels of training into the alts on this account (a trader and a hauler) to allow them to do what they need to do.  But generally, I have been working on the plan since I started this blog.

I did leave 3 skills uncompleted (listed below in red).  They are at level IV instead of V and I can't really see the need to boost them to 5 - two are fitting skills and I can fit everything I need right now and the other is a minor skill that keeps damage from bleeding through shields to armor (currently it would happen 5% of the time and for 15 days of training I can drop that 1 in 20 possibility to a 0 in 20 possibility).

So, unless there's something I missed, I'm done with rifter training and will be moving on to training for non-Minmatar frigates (and their weapon systems) and things like interceptors and cruisers plus the new ecm compensation skills.

Here's the Infamous Rifter Plan with my current skill levels:

- Electronics V
- Propulsion Jamming V
- Signature Analysis V

- Energy Management V
- Energy Systems Operation V
- Engineering V
- Shield Management V
- Shield Operation V
- Tactical Shield Manipulation IV

- Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV
- Gunnery V
- Motion Prediction V
- Rapid Firing V
- Sharpshooter V
- Small Autocannon Specialisation V
- Small Projectile Turret V
- Surgical Strike V
- Trajectory Analysis V
- Weapon Upgrades V

- Hull Upgrades V
- Jury Rigging III
- Mechanic V
- Projectile Weapon Rigging IV
- Repair Systems V

Missile Launcher Operation
- Missile Bombardment V
- Missile Launcher Operation V
- Missile Projection V
- Rapid Launch V
- Rocket Specialisation V
- Target Navigation Prediction V
- Warhead Upgrades V

- Acceleration Control V
- Afterburner V
- Evasive Manouvering V
- Fuel Conservation V
- Navigation V
- Warp Drive Operation V

- Thermodynamics V

Spaceship Command
- Minmatar Frigate V
- Spaceship Command V


  1. Congrats :) I remember when I finished my skill plan (ended with Minnie Cruiser V but THC2 is a bit differently focused from R1FTA). Its like you are an adult! Kinda...

  2. Just so you know...Guided Missile Precision now affects rockets/HAMs/torps. It's not top of the line amazing, but something you may want to train. (only mentioned since you have some skills for using rockets)

  3. Congrats man now on to bigger and better things. I recommend Battlecruiser V before the coming changes :).

  4. Thanks everyone. Guided Missile Precision and Battlecruiser V are both on my new list.

  5. Congratulations Jack,

    I have 184 days left on my Rifter Plan, though I did get sidetracked into Destroyers and BC V and racial cruisers to III. Back on track now though, should be finished mid June 2013 :)

  6. Grats man :) Always satisfying when a long plan ends :)

  7. Thanks Fulgin and Kaeda.

    It's a great plan for flying Minmatar frigates and destroyers - really gives a solid basis.