Friday, April 12, 2013

Like Looking in a Mirror...

I headed over to Floseswin to pick  up some skill books.  I was in my slasher and looking for trouble on the trip to the station of higher education.  But nothing presented itself.

I docked and injected the skills that I was looking for and popped out of the station.  A quick dscan  showed a slasher in the system and a pilot named Maksim Cammeren.  I  checked and he has been around since 2010 - so  it wouldn't be a rookie.  A target with experience.  Fine with me.

A quick scan showed the slasher in a FW site and I turned everything up to 11 on my way there.  I landed and jumped.  Maksim's slasher was waiting on the other side.

I waited for my ship to come out of warp, hit the orbit button, targeted the other slasher, and started hitting him with hot barrage projectiles.

He, on the other hand, didn't have to wait to target me (he wasn't warping to the fight) and so  got in a  volley or  two before I had my opportunity.  This will be of interest later in this  commentary.

We circled each other, apparently both comfortable with the range.  Early on, he was ahead and I went through my shields relatively quickly.  I hit the big armor repair button and started to repair the damage to my armor.  In short order I managed to catch up on the damage race and the other slasher was also into armor.

Our guns continued to smash into  each other.  My armor dipped low.  Then jumped back up with the repair.  Some hull was torn away - not to be recovered.  But then the armor was boosted and I had some breathing room.  The other slasher was experiencing similar damage and  repair.

Eventually, we were both in structure.  My capacitor was just a thin yellow line.  Would it last?  Would the repper have juice to continue?  I had some armor back, but my structure was dangerously low.  But the other slasher was in even a worse state.  I might win this!

BOOM!  I won!  Or...  Wait a minute - no, that's me in the pod.  My ship had exploded.  What a battle!

After we had exchanged GFs I noted how it appeared we were flying the same ship.  Maksim confirmed that the ships were practically identical - other than he had a better meta version of  the web and scrambler - neither of which would affect  the damage or repair.

It turned out that the enemy slasher had 43 hitpoints left in structure.  43.  I was that close to the victory!   43hp!  The time it took for me to come out of warp gave my opponent the first shot and  in the end, the victory.

What a fight!  Thanks Maksim Cammeren!

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