Friday, September 2, 2011

Jack Dancer Comprehensive Current Inventory

After a spirited conversation with Hangar Manager Bilko related to what has become known as the "T1 Autocannons Shooting at a Drake Battlecruiser Fiasco" Jack Dancer rubbed his split knuckles and wiped the blood from his cut lip.  Looking around the mess that Bilko called an office Jack spoted the Jack Dancer Comprehensive Current Inventory printout on Bilko's cluttered desk.   

That should be worth looking at...  YOW!  According to the Comprehensive Current Inventory Jack owns 138 rifter hulls scattered around half a dozen hangars in high and low sec space!  Plus 6 more rifter hulls purchased and awaiting delivery.  Not to mention 36 outstanding purchase orders for rifters at various trade hubs waiting to be filled (Jack's scowl disappeared for a moment as he nodded approvingly at the low price on the outstanding orders - at least they're cheap...). 

138 rifters!  Jack now knew why he hadn't seen this inventory report in several weeks - soon to be Former Hangar Manager Bilko had been afraid to show it to him.  This might be an excellent time for a followup discussion with Bilko...

Thankfully a T1 frigate tournament is being organized by the Black Rebels that might result in many of these rifters facing a fiery (but noble) demise over the next month and a half.  But regardless, that's a lot of hulls to work through...

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