Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rumble in Auner

There was talk of a vexor in Auner and Duke Thunderhorse was on his trail.  When Duke finally caught up with him I jumped in to help (along with several other Black Rebels - Joe Struck, James Ignis, and Zack Evans).  It was a fun fight with drones everywhere.  I pounded the vexor with my overheated (turned up to 11!) 150mm autocannons and we did some damage hoping that our joint efforts would take him out before his drones did us all in.

This time they were mostly medium drones that had a tough time hitting my zippy little rifter orbiting the vexor at 500 meters.  But occasionally they did - and with a real wallop!

Soon a friend of the vexor arrived in a rupture and there were even more drones in the air and on the overview!

As you might guess, eventually the drones got to us before we got to the vexor or the rupture.  Explosions everywhere!  Mine was here.  The vexor and rupture ruled supreme with Black Rebel wrecks littering the battlefield.


Everyone seemed to have a great time and local was filled with chat afterwards as we compared notes from both sides of the fight.  A fun one!


  1. *Zack Evans, spelled with a K, good write up though. I got a video of it aswell.

  2. Thanks! Fixed the Zach/Zack.

    If you have a copy of the video and can post it somewhere I'd be happy to add a link to it.