Sunday, April 1, 2012

Litter Detail Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong...

I was sitting around Ishomilken and noticed that my scanners were cluttered with junk.  Hammerhead drones, Hornet EC-300 drones, and Combat Scanner probes.  These were the leftovers from a couple fights in the system earlier.  Very inconvenient for scanning targets and so I decided to pick the junk up to get it off the screen.

I narrowed down the locations and headed out.  Sometimes there were several options, so I had a customs office, a moon, a planet and a belt to check.  I was at the first stop doing the checks in that order.  Nothing at the customs office.  Moon was clearn.  Planet empty.  Belt empty.  Except.....

I was immediately webbed and scrambled by a wolf!  I had seen the wolf on scan and knew the pilot was much more experienced than I am, but figured my quick stops would probably be safe.  Wrong.  He obviously saw me warp to the planet/moon/office/belt and landed on the belt to wait for me.  Unlike a previous encounter with a wolf where I came away with a victory - Lars0n made quick work of my rifter.  I exploded.

Death to Flying Things Score: 6-19-1.

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