Saturday, December 3, 2011

Death to Flying Things Campaign Score 2(!)-12-1

So Jack Dancer woke up in Hek and checked to see if his R&D agent needed anything.  Nope.  But he did have another datacore ready.  So I put that on the market for about 200k isk.

Then I looked at local and saw that there was one of the Enemies of the Black Rebel Rifter Club in the system - Dilenium Tremens of a bunch of obvious bad guys by the name of EvilMoon Akademiya.  I checked to see if he was docked in station and he wasn't, so I left the station to see if I could find this lowlife and give him a taste of Black Rebel vengence.

No luck.  He wasn't sitting outside.

I  turned on all my defensive equipment and the overheating buttons of all the modules just to be sure, and warped off to a spot nearby to sit and wait.  But just as I entered warp, I saw that Mr. Tremens had arrived at the station.  Argh!  SCOTTY!  ALL ENGINES STOP!  Too late.  Off I went.

I immediately turned around when I came out of warp and screamed back to the station.  I was in luck!  The rascal was still there.  I targeted him, set my orbit for 500 meters, hit the guns, warp scrambler, web, and  nos  buttons.  He was flying a wolf (which is like an upscale rifter).  But with him scrambled and webbed he wasn't getting away!

My guns were tearing through his shields pretty nicely.  I was ahead!  Then we got to the armor and things started going a bit slower.  I turned on my armor repper II (and turned the dial up to 11 - "Overheat") and it did a yeoman's job of repairing the incoming damage (when I looked over the remains of his wrecked wolf I noted that he did not have an armor repper - maybe a mistake on his part...).

Eventually, there was an explosion - but this time it wasn't me!  \o/

I scooped up the loot from his wreck (actually, since this isn't part of my usual post-fight procedure, I forgot about this and had to return from a safe spot where I was repairing the massive damage to all my systems).  Then I headed off again.

And just in time - corp mates of his had shown up and I don't think they were in a good mood.  A hurricane, thrasher, maller, drake, and another hurricane were at the station.  YOW!  Even more than my Rifter of Fury could take on.  I casually headed to low sec where I would feel a bit safer...


  1. Awesome kill Jack! Dude had an interesting but tanky fit. I can imagine how slow it was cutting through it. You did right by orbiting at 500. I think that's the best way to kill a Wolf.

  2. Thanks Duke!

    Interestingly enough from start -
    [ 2011.12.03 18:49:41 ] Orbiting ТипаRifter (500m)

    to finish - [ 2011.12.03 18:50:46 ] E5 Prototype Energy Vampire deactivates as ТипаRifter begins to explode.

    It was just a minute and 5 seconds.

    I think the unusual tank, the wolf not having rigs, and the wolf using Titanium Sabot ammo while I was using the high-priced Republic Fleet Fusion ammo all spelled his doom (from the battle log I see I was doing about 150+ damage with each salvo and he was doing 50+ damage - and he had 4 150mm autocannons II while I had just 3 of the same autocannons!).

    Still nice to finally run up against a poorly fit opponent and actually get a kill...

    Thanks again and good luck with Hells Revenge (except when the Black Rebels declare war on you guys...).

  3. yeah, that's a pretty bad wolf fit. Nice kill though, and it's a nice thing that you got him to shoot you back :P

  4. Thanks PG.

    In honor of this fight, I renamed this particular rifter "Wolfbane" and have retired it to a place of honor in my hangar.