Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Death to Flying Things Campaign Score 2-13-1

I ran across Iridescent Klr harassing innocent Serpentis villagers in an asteroid belt in the Auner system.  He was flying an Ishkur (one tough little ship!), but with my policy of shooting anything that moves I attacked with all guns blazing.  It didn't take long before BOOM! I was in my pod and heading back for a new rifter.

I love the smell of new rifters...


  1. He uses expensive implants too, making his tank even tougher. I had him with my anti-frig Moa a couple months ago but due to my impatience, I burned out my guns trying to break that thing's tank.

    Nice try Jack, keep it up man!

  2. Thanks for the info Duke. He didn't seem to break a sweat swatting aside my rifter of fury.

    I'm upping my implant budget a bit, but not into the "expensive" range. Seems like you can get half a billion isk into your head without too much trouble if you go for the +5 variety. That's too much risk with a track record like mine! But I can sleep reasonably well with 30 million worth filling up my skull.