Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye Black Rebels!

I’m leaving the Black Rebel Rifter Club – but don’t panic, it’s only for a day or two. 

After reading about Starwalker’s recent podding and loss of a head full of implants (and seeing some of the big losses by other pilots now that loss mails show implant losses when a pilot is podded) I decided I should get some jump clones set up.

I’ll be leaving R1FTA and joining Estel Arador Corporation.  Estel Arador provides a free jump clone service.  I trained “Infomorph Psychology” to level 4 (so that I can have 4 jump clones) and now I’ll drop out of the Black Rebels and apply to join Estel Arador.  When I’m accepted (probably in less than a day) I’ll set up my jump clones, and then I leave Estel Arador.  I then re-apply to the Black Rifters and hope they’ll take me back… 

The actual process (once I’m a member of Estel Arador) takes just a few minutes and I’ll have 4 new jump clones.  I’ll then make a generous donation to Estel Arador in appreciation of their service (though this is voluntary!).

Why have jump clones?  Two main reasons come to mind.  First, if I’m planning to visit especially scary neighborhoods (null sec or wormholes where bubbles can cause problems for pods escaping) I can use an empty headed clone with no implants.  If I get podded then it’s relatively cheap – price of a rifter.  No worries.  Secondly, I can also set up clones in far flung locations so that instead of flying 30 jumps to get somewhere I can just jump there instantaneously.  

I’ll probably fill three of the jump clones with my standard set of implants and have the 4th one empty headed.

Good bye Black Rebels!  I'll be back soon!

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