Thursday, November 24, 2011

Death to Flying Things Campaign Score 1-12-1

I was minding my own business, flying a brand new fully fitted rifter back to Auner from Hek when I received a radio message from Lost Touch asking for a rifter 1v1.  Now, my record in 1v1s isn't very good (to be honest, it's horrible) - and it's especially horrible in rifter 1v1s where I feel like my inexperience puts me at a real disadvantage.  But I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so I said, "Sure!"

A few minutes later I was in my pod...

gf gf

But the good news is that I feel like I'm getting better.  No major blunders - my guns and rockets were all slamming into Lost Touch and doing damage.  My overheated defenses were all turned on and working as advertised.  But his two years of experience in rifters was too much to overcome.  The fight was good experience for me though.  And fun.

Friendly chat ensued in local and I look forward to a rematch one of these days.

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