Monday, May 27, 2013

Back in Action.

OK, I'm back from Switzerland and after the two week European hiatus I've returned to Eve.

I've bounced around a bit in my slasher and have had some fights - good and bad.

For instance, this one where I killed a rifter that was sitting in a faction warfare site.  As he was going down his buddy in an incursus landed and spewed out his drones.  I finished off the rifter and turned my attention to the incursus.  That went well and I had him most of the way through armor when HIS buddies arrived (in a catalyst, tormentor and firetail!).  I didn't last long against the four of them...  But it was a fun fight to almost get the rifter and the incursus.

A day later I was hanging out in a FW plex (the frigate that had been there fled when I arrived) and in dropped a daredevil flown by Spike Lightning of the Rifterlings.  I think I've died to Rifterlings in the past on several occasions - but this chance to take on a daredevil mano a mano was fine with me (I've never killed a daredevil).  Even though he landed about 40k from me, I headed towards him (fully knowing that I was probably on a death charge).  We fought it out and, sure enough, I died.  No surprise.  He was railgun equipped and that definitely doomed me.

Afterwards we chatted a bit about the fight and Spike noted:

Spike Lightning > BRRC give the best fights
Spike Lightning > and best feedback

Nice!  We aim to please.

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