Saturday, May 4, 2013

"wtf jack"

I've read about Adirain on several of the R1FTA blogs, so I headed over there and snuck a dozen frigates into the station with my hauling alt.  Time to look around a new neighborhood.  There were even a couple people in local from our corp and alliance.

I poked around a bit.  Set up some safe spots and observation points around the gates.  A few undock spots to get out of the station fast.  The usual thing.

Then I flew around a bit.  This isn't a Faction Warfare area - so there aren't any FW sites to catch people.  Just the usual asteroid belts and stations.  I scared a 3 day old player in a venture when I landed near him - but he flew off immediately.

A bit later I spotted a procurer at an asteroid belt.  Actually at one of several asteroid belts all bunched up around the 4th planet in the system.  I zipped over to safe spot that I had set up just for this situation - in the middle of the belts so that I could look at them and find my prey.  There he was!  And now there was a thrasher protecting him!

I turned everything up to 11 and warped to zero.  Given the choice when I landed, I decided to hit the closer target - the thrasher.  I targeted, scrambled, webbed and orbited.  He tasted the fury of my 200mm autocannons!

Amazingly, I wasn't taking any damage in return.  It was like he wasn't even shooting back!  Some protection for the miner he turns out to be!

I continued to pummel the unlucky opponent!

About then, with my teeth clenched and eyes squinting into thin slits (my usual attitude during battle!) I noticed that maybe something wasn't quite right.

No, something wasn't quite right at all.

I looked (finally!) to see the name of the pilot I was shooting (on arrival I just saw "procurer" and "thrasher" through my red blotchy vision) and it came as a shock to see that it was Angron Vail.

Oh oh.

Angron Vail is also a R1FTA member.  A corp mate.  A killer that I've always looked up to as amazingly competent (as opposed (and this situation is again evidence) to my lack of skills).

In local I saw words that sent waves of nauseating embarrassment through my being...

     Angron Vail > wtf jack

What a great first impression in this new system!  GAH!

I immediately turned off my modules - but by this time (as I was starting to destroy his armor) Angron Vail had turned his attention to me (of course, he had been shooting that stupid procurer - not protecting it!).  That allowed the miner to escape (totally my fault) along with what might have been a tasty ransom if he had caught the pod.

With the thrasher's attention on me - my slasher exploded.  Rightfully so.

I, of course, fell all over myself apologizing in a private chat with Angron.  He  was gracious, though mostly confused by my bizarre actions.  We had some fun in local about the situation too.

And I certainly learned a lesson about being sure of who I'm shooting before going in with autocannons blazing...

Sorry Angron!


  1. Overviewsettings lets you put different colors on stuff in your overview

    Ive found it helps having targets that arent really targets colored in a friendly color that doesnt encourage my bloodlust
    Just saying ;)

  2. Overzealous and under-attentive is a dangerous combination!