Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Death and Destruction

My death and then an opponent's destruction.

I had just come home from buying some spices for a chili contest this weekend and had a few minutes to see if there was any activity in Auner.  I logged in and found half a dozen people in local and when I left the station there were a few reasonable ships in space - merlin, incursus, and rifter.

I checked narrow dscan on the two FW plexes and one had the rifter and incursus while the other just had the merlin.  I decided to pick the loner first and headed to the site with the merlin.  It turned out to be a bad move because it was a week-old player who fled on my arrival.  OK.  No fun there even if I do catch him.

So I headed over to the other complex to see about the rifter and incursus.  I was in a cookie cutter rifter named Godzilla with 200mm autocannons and rockets.  I landed near the two opponents and immediately targeted the rifter.  And things went just about as one would expect.  My rifter quickly went through shields while taking damage from both ships and soon my overheated armor repairer wasn't able to keep up with the incoming damage.  I had the enemy rifter far into his armor (and maybe structure?  I wasn't paying total attention as I was slamming the warp button in hopes of getting my pod away alive...).  I exploded.  From the killmail it appears that the rifter and incursus were pretty even on applying damage to my poor rifter.

Local went this way:

   Jack Dancer > gf
   mmxior > gf
   Fret Thiesant > gf  
   mmxior > go write that on your blog
   Jack Dancer > lol
   Jack Dancer > Not much to say.  But I'll see what I can do.
   Fret Thiesant > love the ship name btw
   Jack Dancer > Thanks.

It's always surprising (and fun) to come across people that read this blog...

I headed back to the station and grabbed a slasher with my standard tracking disruptor and barrage ammo fit (also named Godzilla).  And I headed back to the plex for round 2.

This time when I landed I targeted the incursus.  The rifter was probably still damaged from the first fight and I wanted to go against the more healthy foe.  Probably a bad idea generally - but I've never had a problem with bad ideas when playing Eve.

I targeted the incursus and set up an afterburner aided orbit at around 6k.  My autocannons were having some good effect on the Gallente ship and I soon had him in armor.  My armor was holding this time (probably due to the target disruptor cutting down on the incoming damage?) and my overheated armor repairer was holding its own.  But even though the incursus was in armor, it was repairing my damage just about as fast as I was applying it - he was equipped with an ancillary armor repairer.

The fight was not a short one.  And that was not a good thing for my capacitor and armor repairer.

I heard the alarm that my capacitor was almost empty as all of my attention was focused on the red damage display on the incursus (the more I concentrate on it the faster the damage accumulates on my enemy - at least that's my deeply held opinion...).

And then the words that no pilot likes to hear, "The capacitor is empty."  That annoyingly calm voice that jars with my amazingly uncalm disposition at those times.  My armor repper turned off.  ARGH!

But at almost the same instant, the incursus exploded! \o/  Perfect timing!

I switched my targeting to the rifter in hopes of continuing the combat.  But before my warp scrambler could lock onto his warp engines to shut them off, he was gone.  No doubt damaged from our first fight and not able to withstand the second Godzilla's wrath, he did the right thing and fled.

GFs were exchanged in local.  It was enough excitement for the night - now to work on perfecting my competition chili recipe...

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