Monday, August 12, 2013

School's In Session!

I usually don’t make much of an effort to chase those week-old players that infest the FW sites in Auner doing whatever they do in there.  When I land and they flee – and a background check shows them to be extremely new to the game, I just let them go about their business.  I might drop in on them again once or twice just to send them scattering – but my heart really isn’t in it.  What’s the best that can happen?  I’ll quickly destroy a cheap frigate that probably won’t even dent my shields. A kill, but to no real purpose.

So the other night I jumped through a gate in an FW complex to find an atron.  I scrambled his warp drive, webbed him and orbited to destroy him.  His shields quickly vaporized and then he calmly warped away.  Damn those warp stabilizers!  Nothing worse than the smugness of pilots who think they have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card…

Checking the pilot’s history, I saw that he was one of those extremely new players.  Maybe time to teach him a lesson about the safety of warp stabbers.

I headed back to the station and added a second warp scrambler to my slasher.  Let’s see how two warp scramblers work vs. his warp stabilizer.

Back in space I found the atron in a different FW complex along with a merlin - both of their ships had their pilots' names still attached and both in the same corp.  I warped in and landed on top of them. 

Fox in the henhouse!

I targeted the atron and slammed on both of the scramblers.  I can just imagine the smile on his face evaporating as he discovered that there was no warping away!  His minimally fit atron exploded!

I switched my targeting (including the two scramblers) to the merlin.  With similar results.  He exploded too!

The atron’s killmail shows that he was taking no chances – double warp stabs.  Even worse!

I hope that the two of them learned a lesson courtesy of The Jack Dancer School of Destruction.


  1. I was thinking for a moment that it may be more of a lesson to pod them, but its doubtful they have implants of any real value, and if they're truly new their clones are free. Ah well, I still have to say getting a podding would be the most appropriate harsh lesson, especially if the clone is located far, far away from their idyllic farming paradise!

  2. Thanks Miura and a good observation Sard. Grabbing pods would require a THIRD warp scrambler in this case (two to hold the second opponent and one to grab the first opponent's pod). I can do that in the future when facing two new farmers.

    I tried to grab the second pod in this situation, but the little rascal was too quick...