Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello Thera!

Last night I made myself more comfortable in the Thera home station of my new corp, Signal Cartel, and bought a cheetah from the corp contracts to act as a temporary scanning ship. 

The first scanning foray into the Thera system showed a nearly overwhelming number of signatures to probe down.  Even with eliminating all of the ones that were listed in the corp bookmarks there were still more than a dozen.

Time to get to work…

The cheetah had a level I probe launcher, Sister probes, plus some helpful rigs to improve the scanning strength.  The scanning went well, not as fast as with some of my other characters that have better skills and equipment – but not too painful.

Many of the signatures were gas, data, or relic sites that I ignored.  But a few were wormholes that connected to all parts of the Eve universe.  These I checked out.  Being totally new, I’m still unsure of how to get these new sigs added to the eve-scout listing – but I’m sure I’ll sort that out in the next few days.

I wasn’t really interested in probing down the signatures other than for practice.  My future focus will be finding null sec relic sites (they pay the best) and in order to be successful in them I’m going to need to improve my equipment.  A Relic Analyzer II will be vital (another 10 days of training required).  And a ship that I feel comfortable in when traveling through null sec is another necessity.  The cheetah is ok – but most of my experience involving this sort of thing has been in an interceptor that is immune to warp bubbles.  I’ll need one of those.

After the initial scanning adventure, I jump cloned back to Molden Heath and sent Jack on a low sec tour buying clone soldier tags and then redeeming them at a nearby CONCORD office.  Jack’s security status changed from -8.9 to -1.9 (at a cost of more than 100m isk…).  This means that Jack can now freely wander through high sec space and not fear the authorities or fellow capsuleers.  It’s a strange feeling…

I hesitatingly entered high sec and stopped in Hek to do a little shoppng.  A Stiletto interceptor filled with appropriate modules for my future life was quickly put together.  Then it was time to call it a night.

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