Thursday, February 26, 2015

Treasure Hunting

It used to be that I would spend my time hunting for targets that I could ambush and maul.  Now it's a case of looking for targets that I can loot and pillage.

So far, in my Signal Cartel life there hasn't included much looting and pillaging.  Jack doesn't have strong skills as an explorer.  He can fly the cov-op frigates just fine - but when it comes to breaking down the relic and data sites - that's a problem.  Especially since the target sites are going to most likely be in wormholes or null space.

Since joining Signal Cartel, my schooling has been mostly focused on getting the skills to use the Relic Analyzer II and Data Analyzer II.  Both of them are essential in order to have luck with the sites found in wh and null space.  Especially since I prefer to fly an interceptor there to avoid problems with bubbles and interceptors don't have the hacking bonuses provided by exploration frigates.

It's been a waiting game as my skill queue did its thing.

But now I'm skilled enough for the Relic Analyzer II and I can go to the next step in my plan - actually exploring!

On the Eve-Scout website there's an option for looking at a map of the current links from Thera.  Here's today's map:

The areas I'm most interested in are down at the bottom of the page where today there are connections to Paragon Soul and Esoteria - each of them have one link to/from Thera.  These are null sec regions that have Sansha sites.  Due to the Intact Armor Plates (and other loot) that Sansha relic sites drop - these are prime areas for exploration.  I've been waiting for links to this neighborhood (which includes a couple other regions with Sansha rats).

The plan is to use these wormholes to enter these regions and then move to areas that show a limited number of recent jumps on the Dotlan map.  These backwater systems often have relic sites stacked up and an absence of locals who might take exception with my activities.  We'll see how it goes.

Another option for intrepid explorers in Thera is to jump through today's wormhole that leads to the Outer Ring region.  That's where the Outer Ring Excavations offices offer profitable BPOs for sale.  The trip there and back (with a Bowhead BPO tucked in the cargo bay) is often fraught with danger - but with the Thera wormhole, it's much shorter and relatively safer.

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