Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bengal Bob

So, after shooting some rats on a level 2 Thukker mission this morning to pass some time, I left the station this afternoon without a thought in my head and into the waiting arms of Bengal Bob (a war target in the Royal Order of Security Specialists corporation with more than 3k kills to his credit...).  Needless to say, since I was loaded with normal EMP S (no sense shooting rats with the high priced stuff) and wasn't ready for any excitement it did not go well.

So I went back to the station and put together another rifter designed with a massive 400mm armor plate.  That did not go well either.

And then I thought I'd try a different design including extra explosive protection and a cap booster (first time I'd tried one of those gizmos).  Same result.

GFs were exchanged after each combat and while Bengal Bob had friends available, they graciously stood by as he destroyed my ships single handedly.  I thought that showed some class.

The various fits were based on our fearless leader Miura Bull's designs.  All blame for their failure is based on my skills and technique...

"[ 2011.10.23 23:06:17 ] Wise R1FTA Member Name Withheld > Jack you realize he is fleeted and boosted probably"   Hmmm...  Actually, being the noob that I am, that never crossed my mind.  But it might explain why Bengal Bob's friends were on grid but not active participants.  I'm always discovering surprises in this game...  Love it.


  1. I was not receiving boosts, certainly not for a T1 frigate fight. My corp would laught at me.

    I did manage 12v r1fta killmails yesterday, so having fun o/

    Can you also stop mentioning me on the interwebs please, anonymity is key to solo fun :)

  2. POWNY and I were dancing with Bengal Bob yesterday, comments were made in local about the number of R1FTA wrecks in system - I think they were mostly mine :D

  3. HAHAHA!

    Thanks Bob - it was fun and some of us aren't the most expert PvPers. The practice and experience is well worth the price of the rifters.

    Vincent - you, POWNY and I might be causing navigation hazards around the R1FTA base...