Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cup of Tea?

I dropped off some Titanium that my R&D agent in Hek needed to continue his research and then I headed back to Auner on a quiet Sunday morning.

Auner was anything but quiet.

23 pilots in local, a few of them war targets, and none of them with R1FTA after their names...  Most were in instant death ships (battlecruisers, battleships, etc.), but there was one rifter around so I went hunting for that.  I should have realized that it probably could also be classified "instant death" when I'm hunting...

I caught up with him ("Chay Teabranch" was his name - that sounded pretty innocuous) in an asteroid belt near the Black Rebel home station and immediately charged straight at him from 70km.  He was in the same mood so he came after me too.  I had barrage loaded (and the cargo hold just held a friend named Gina and some booze) so I was set for a 5km orbit with no other ammo options.

Things didn't go especially well.  Technically, I was fine with my performance.  I targeted the rival rifter and hit all the appropriate buttons.  He did the same.  We orbited at around 5k and spit fire at each other.  But my shields and armor disappeared much quicker than his shields did (nevermind armor) and soon there were sirens and flashing lights.  I exploded.

gf gf in local.

Looking at Chay Teabranch's killboard I see that I'm not the first BRRC member to have fallen to his rifter (Kooba Kaundur and Santo Trafficante are recent victims).  And from his losses on I see that he usually flies an armor rifter - which makes my inability to get through his shields even more perplexing...  Maybe barrage wasn't the right choice...

Oh well, no big deal.  At least I'm back to blowing up my ships - it's been a while since I've heard those sirens...

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