Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kill Mails!

Well, it's been busy in RL lately, what with our daughter and 6 month old grandson visiting from Switzerland at the same time as my wife's hitherto unknown niece from Chile coming to Seattle with her husband to study at the University of Washington (and staying with us until they found an apartment), and the start of chanterelle mushroom season up in the mountains (yummm!).

But I have managed to get online every day to do a little of this and that.  Most notably, compared to past experience, "that" instead of "this".  My last two kill/loss mails have actually been kill mails!  Yowza!

One was Newports Indeed who was taking on Rebels one evening in Auner.  He was flying a rifter (the best!).  I warped to a belt to watch him and Darkstar Pownyouall exchanging pleasantries honoring the 1v1 that they were engaged in.  Eventually Darkstar decided to do something else and wandered off (maybe he was in structure, I don't know...), so I decided to have a crack at Newports (of course I also assumed that Darkstar had put some serious hurt on him, so my target was softened up).  It was an odd fight but a short one with Newports not really doing much and I came out victorious.  Afterwards in local Newports noted how he had been disconnected during the fight and all parties agreed to a rematch at a future date.

A few days later I joined Zodiac Black as we hunted Lascivious Lilith in her Taranis.  We bounced from belt to belt after her and eventually Zodiac landed close and I warped in.  Our two rifters made short work of the Taranis.   Another victory!

So things are going well.  Now that we have the houseguests out of the way, I'll hopefully get more time for kill mails instead of loss mails...


  1. Great! It took me 60-70 lossmails before I reached the same amount of killmails - but then it suddenly started. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

  2. I'm also thinking of modifying my moustache to boost my skills...