Monday, January 9, 2012

Shirley Temple RIP

I had decided that it had been too long since I last lost a ship and so headed out in the newest rifter off the assembly line, the SS Shirley Temple, to see if I could change that record.  I searched the map for systems that had recent NPC kills and visited some of them but didn't find any of the rat killers.

Then I strolled into Gukarla and found a bunch of potential targets.  Potential targets in the sense of targets that I had no chance whatsoever of defeating.  Especially since they all seemed to be friends with each other...  There was a Stabber Fleet Issue, Myrmidon, Loki, Legion, Ishtar, Arazu, Drake and Cynabal.  More than even the SS Shirley Temple could handle.  So after hanging out in a safe spot or two I decided to move on.  But just to be on the  safe side I warped to 100k from the Taff gate to see if the coast was clear.  Sure enough there was the Stabber and Legion sitting on the gate.

I made a bit of a mistake at this point.  I assumed that being 100k away from them that I was safe.  I chatted with the guys in the Black Rifter corp channel about the ships on the gate.  Then I noticed that the Stabber was about 50k from me.  And then an instant later 40k.  How did that happen??!?!!

I immediately (well, my definition of "immediately" might be different from other people's since it involved fumbling around with the mouse trying to find the sun...) gave instructions to warp to the sun to get away.

Too late.  I was targeted.  Oh oh.  But I had heard the "Warp drive..." words so I had hopes of escaping.

Nope.  The warp drive engines died.  And so did Shirley Temple.

What did I learn?  Be careful around enemies - even if they seem to be a safe distance away.  Chatting with the Rebels and not watching the targets can result in bad outcomes...  But, on the bright side, I did lose a rifter like I had set out to do...

Death to Flying Things updated score: 2-14-1.

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