Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Jack Dancer Standard Set of Implants for Rifter Pilots

A couple posts ago when talking about adding jump clones I mentioned that I would be filling the heads of most of them with the “standard set of implants”.  That "standard" has changed a bit since my last post on implants and now includes the following:

Slot 6 - This is still a no-brainer.  The SP-603 (formerly called the SX-1) gives 3% additional damage from small projectile turrets.  And these things can be extremely cheap if you put out orders in the right trade locations.  I’ve picked up a bushel of them for about 30k each.  No rifter pilot should enter space without one in their head.

Slot 7 – Another easy choice.  The EM-703 (formerly called the AY-1) gives 3% improvement to ship agility. 

Slot 8 – The MC-803 (formerly called the ZET300) improves your hull by 3%.  Also consider Zor's Custom Hyper-Link (improved AB and MWD speed).  I haven’t purchased any of these, but they might be worth trying.  There’s also a cheaper Zor’s Custom Navigation Link that fits slot 7! (AB boost but no boost to your MWD) – so be sure you know what you are buying.

Slot 9 – Here we get away from my previous ideas about implants and spend some additional isk.  The SS-903 (formerly called the CX-1) grants an additional 3% damage from all turrets.  Well worth the money.

Slot 10 – And finally, slot 10 is another change from my previous post.  The HG-1003 (formerly called the ZET500) gives 3% improvement to armor (like the MC-803 did for hull). 

Each of these implants has an additional upgrade that often costs 5x or 10x more for a 5% improvement instead of 3%.  For the additional 2%, it’s probably not cost effective.  But on the other hand, if you have more isk than you know what to do with, then SP-605, EM-705, MC-805, SS-905, and HG-1005 might be worth purchasing.

Let me also say that anyone serious and with isk to burn should look at Slots 1-6 for a complete Low-Grade Slave Set.  It’ll cost the better part of a billion isk, but I salivate when looking at what it could do for my armor tank – 33.83% improvement!  I wonder if a Dual Repper Low-Grade Slave Set Rifter would be fun…  It would certainly surprise your opponent.  But with that price tag, I’m afraid it’s only going to be speculation for me for quite a while…  And I can’t imagine having the billions and billions of isk for the “high-grade” Slave Set (which provides 53.63% armor improvement!).

And as a final suggestion.  You might consider setting up region-wide “buy” orders for 10 of each of these implants at rock bottom prices.  Look to see what other “region-wide” orders might be offering and make yours just .01 isk higher.  Be sure to make the buy orders “region-wide” in regions with or without a trade hub and see what happens.  You might be surprised at the results (but don't expect immediate satisfaction!).  Update the orders every few days or weekly so that they are the best region-wide offer available (no real need to watch them closely).

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