Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cruiser Down!

Fresh out of the clone vat, I was back in space looking for trouble.  Using the nifty d-scan and system map technique I found Matrim Finard in a Faction Warfare site in Auner.  He was in a Stabber.  A cruiser that should be better than my rifter, but I had hopes of getting under his guns and being safe from his violence.

I headed to the site, slipped through the gate and found him about 50k away.  Usually other frigates flee in this situation, but I was hoping that his cruiser vs. my frigate would give him reason to stay.  I overheated everything, used the approved spiraling angled approach to my target, got within 15k without any apparent reaction, and hit the "orbit at 500m" button.

Warp scrambler, active.
Web, active.
Nosferatu, active.
Autocannons - Fire!

The stabber was quickly reduced to scrap while I didn't even hit 50% on my shields (and this rifter was an armor rifter - not the shield rifter I had been flying).  A glorious victory!  \o/

I remembered to loot the wreck this time and headed to a safe spot to wait out the GCC.  Looking at the killmail I see that Matrim took every precaution - he was triple tanked - shield, armor, and hull were all protected.  I checked and he's a relatively new player - about 3 months old.

And I found this comment in local (in reply to my "gf") to be very revealing:

      Matrim Fidard > umm why did that happen?

Updated Personal Death to Flying Things Campaign Score: 11-23-1

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