Saturday, July 14, 2012

Death to a Tiny Dancer

So, I saw that I had junk strewn all over the Metropolis region from some region-wide buy orders that I had posted months ago.  Why not cruise around in my shield-fit rifter and pick modules up while looking for fights?  Excellent idea!

I made a couple stops and picked up some items while d-scanning each system as I passed through when I saw a rifter in Vimeini sitting in one of the Faction Warfare sites.  I zoomed in and burned directly at the villain who goes by the name Sheltering Sky.  I turned up all the dials to 11 and I could feel the heat emanating from the stressed components of my rifter.  But I paid it no mind.  This was combat!

I settled into a close orbit and my overheated autocannons were pummeling the rascal but good.  Unfortunately, he somehow had turned his rat minions on me and his autocannons were also eating through my shield fit rifter.  For a while it looked good - but then when we got into his armor he was able to slow down the damage.  Unfortunately, once he was through my shields I had no way to survive.  I yearned for my missing armor repper...

I blowed up good.

GFs were exchanged in local and I headed back to my base in Auner for another in a long line of rifters.  I was thinking that these shield fit rifters seem to die too easily.  Maybe Sheltering Sky was using anti-shield ammo.  Maybe as I burned at him with an overheated afterburner he was able to see how fast I was moving and that I was shield fit - he would have time to switch ammo.  Or.  Maybe he was just better than me...

I resolved to return to the trusty armor repping rifter of my youth.

But then our Glorious Leader Miura Bull posted a comment on the lossboard related to this battle.  In his kind, gentle, compassionate, and fatherly way he subtly noted, "SMALL SHIELD EXTENDER? ZOMHG".

Ahhhh...  Once again Bubba down in the warehouse had cut corners!  He installed a small shield extender instead of the medium that I had ordered.  Grrrrrr...  I'm going to have to review all of my stock to see what else the cretin had mis-represented.  I'd fire the rascal if it wasn't for the fact that he's Glorious Leader Miura Bull's brother-in-law or cousin or Godchild or something (I can't remember what it was that Bubba said, but I'm pretty sure he's a close relative of MB).

Death to Flying Things Campaign Score: 10-23-1.


  1. lol

    It is easily done..... I've seen top 100 guys on battleclinic fitting mag stabs to Jags and other silly stuff.....

    I have this thing about small shield extenders, I think they are the worst mod in the game and *FLASHBACK TO CHILDHOOD INCIDENT*.... Where was I again?

    If it makes you feel any better... this



  2. lol Nice.

    I was surprised at how quickly the shield disappeared and a bit disappointed that shifting to a shield fit left so little protection. Your pointing out the small shield made me feel better (though I'm not sure how or where I picked up that useless piece of junk).

    On the bright side, the small shield extender survived the fight and maybe will be used by someone I come up against in the future...