Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Up - Two Down...

A quiet Sunday morning let me wander around in my rifter for a while.

I first came across a rifter in an FW site and warped in only to see it run away.

I later found another rifter in a different system's FW site and warped in - this one didn't run away.  I burned towards him, orbited and spewed hot projectiles.  The fight went well and I was ahead for almost all of it - eventually Philpip exploded!  His fit was an almost identical fit to mine and it was nice to be able to come out on top of the fight.  Overheating everything again might have turned the tide.

I then was in the Tararan system and saw this:

[ 2012.07.22 15:11:20 ] Ollster > 1 vs 1
[ 2012.07.22 15:12:18 ] Ollster > or afraid

I of course answered,

[ 2012.07.22 15:12:29 ] Jack Dancer > on my way

Maybe a mistake on my part...  I used my usual technique - overheat everything and orbit close.  But this time with a radically different result.  We both reached armor at about the same time, but then Ollster was hardly bothered by my Republic Fleet Phased Plasma projectiles.  I think by the time I blowed up - he still had 95% of his armor intact.  YOW!


We chatted in local and he was generous enough to share his fit and I saw why things didn't go well.  He was shooting lasers at me (next time against an Incursus I think I'll load barrage and stay a bit further away) and he also had dual T2 armor reppers.  No wonder he was keeping up with my damage!  Nice one Ollster.

I picked up another rifter and continued along until I came across Marcus Deadgray in a Cynabal camping a gate.  I usually just ignore this sort of thing and warp to the next gate - the rifter is agile enough to not get caught.  But not this time.  BOOM!  I blowed up and also my capsule was slow in leaving and it blowed up too.

Which, actually, wasn't bad because I had set my clone location to our null sec station in Pure Blind (my general destination on these recent roams).  So for the price of a 1 million isk clone upgrade (the clone that blew up was without implants) I'm now 40 jumps away in null sec.  Probably should have done that earlier...

Death to flying things score (I don't count death to gate camps...) is now 13-24-1

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