Friday, October 19, 2012

Sentinel on Scan!

I had just completed the 2/10 DED site in Heild and picked up a Gistii module worth 14 million isk, so I figured that would pay for a couple frigate losses.  I went looking for targets.

There was an incursus flying around with a relatively new pilot.  I almost caught up with him at the sun a couple times and also at the DED site.  But zigged when I should have zagged and we never were on grid at the same time.

Then I saw a sentinel piloted by Erick Odin (an experienced pilot) at the DED site.  I've never fought a sentinel, so I looked to see what it was as I warped in with everything turned up to 11 on my slasher.  It's an electronic attack ship with bonuses for energy vampires and energy neutralizers.  Hmmm...  We'll see how this goes.

I landed a ways away and started burning towards my prey.  We both targeted each other and I set my orbit and activated all my modules.  Immediately I heard that calm voice say, "The capacitor is empty."  That didn't take long!  My autocannons continued to fire, but I was doomed since none of my other modules were working...  I blew up.

GFs were exchanged in local and Erick Odin offered me the modules that had survived the slasher's destruction (he had no room in his sentinel since it was packed with cap boosters...).

Personal Death to Flying Things Campaign score: 16-41-1

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  1. Yeah, Sentinels are real mean. I had the same experience the first and second times I found them.

    Third time, I caught one with a Thrasher and melted it though :)