Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wow, that was quick...

I was up on a Sunday morning and hadn't had my morning coffee - but I thought I'd see what was happening in Heild as the coffee was brewing.

I took out the new slasher to my safe scanning spot and looked around.  A daredevil at the Plex - no thanks.  An industrial at a POS - no luck.  A merlin at the sun.  Yes.  That's the one I'm looking for!

I turned everything up to 11 and headed to the sun at range (my strategy was to orbit at 6k and destroy the rascal with barrage ammo).  I arrived with a finger poised over the Ctrl key in anticipation of locking my unfortunate opponent.

False alarm.  The neighborhood of  the sun was empty.  So I started scanning around to see where the merlin might be.  As I'm doing this CraftyCroc arrived in that daredevil I'd spotted earlier.  Since I was trying out a new ship and since one of the goals of the Death to Flying Things Campaign is to shoot stuff for experience rather than glory - I attacked.  I knew I had little (none?) chance of surviving.

From the start my plan didn't go very well.  CraftyCroc had craftily landed right on top of me - he must  have selected the same range as I had.  And my attempts to orbit at 6k were not going well when I noticed that we were inside 1k.  I think a daredevil might be a bit quicker than my slasher...

Plus there was the damage he was dispensing from his light neutron blasters  Things appeared on my screen like:

  • CraftyCroc (Light Neutron Blaster II) hits you for 370 damage


  • CraftyCroc (Light Neutron Blaster II) hits you for 402 damage

Not surprisingly (just 21 seconds after I first hit "approach" to initiate combat), I blowed up.

GFs were exchanged in local and I went back for another in a never ending line of ships.

Death to Flying Things score: 16-39-1

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