Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's Up?

While you might not know it from reading this blog - I have been pretty active recently during the past month.  Mostly losing rifters (7) and a thrasher (1) while killing a punisher.  Not a very good ratio - but it was fun.

Lost twice to the famous Sard Caid.  The most recent loss is here at the 2 hour 34 minute mark on one of Sard's videos. It's fun to see a fight from the other side - and actually have time to see what happens during that minute of mayhem...  Thanks Sard!

Jack Dancer is down to just 3 more skills to complete the Infamous Rifter Plan.  Propulsion Jamming will be at 5 in a couple days, then Acceleration Control to 5 and Shield Management to 5 and I'm done.  A bit less than a month of training for those three skills.  Next up will be Assault Ships.

Jack Dancer's Death to Flying Things Campaign Score: 16-38-1

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