Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inferno's New Inventory System

The biggest noise related to the expansion ("Inferno") that arrived a couple days ago is related to the new inventory system.  The forums are filled with angst and CCP has a plan to fix some of the major inconveniences. 

Personally, the new inventory system seems fine.  I can still do my usual shuffling of items and building of ships.  No big deal. 

But apparently it is a big deal to a small group of Eve players - botters.  Their botting programs aren't working and the new inventory system is causing havoc with them.  It seems possible that this is a side reason for CCP's changes to the inventory system since it's no doubt a main part of any botting software.

Check out The Nosy Gamer for a fun read on the subject (he's often writing about botter tears...).

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