Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ratting Leads to Death

So I thought I'd head over to Jita and along the way do some ratting to get my security status back under that magic -2.0 so that I could freely run around and pick up some rifter components strewn around the galaxy.  Things were going well on the ratting front.  Earlier I had managed to kill two Gurista battleships with my rifter which seemed to help - my status had dropped form -2.1 down to -2.0.  Just needed a few more rat kills to get me back in the good graces of the authorities.

So off to Jita I went.  I killed a Gurista cruiser in Nikkishina and another one in Hasama.  Then in Mara I headed to the top belt to start looking for a rat victim, when instead I land right on top of a bright red flashing (his sec status is -10!) pilot named K'Roa T'Jal in a Gila (a Gurista faction cruiser)!

Battle stations! Battle stations!

I orbited, opened fire with overheated weapons and put a secure scramble on his warp drive.  Unfortunately, he wasn't going anywhere.  He let loose his 5 warrior II drones and started shooting missiles at me.  My shields, armor and hull all crumpled relatively quickly (I don't actually remember hitting the big red armor repair button on my control panel, so that might have hastened my demise...) and I exploded.

GFs were exchanged in local...

K'Roa T'Jal > gf bro
Jack Dancer > gf
Jack Dancer > I hate those warriors...
Jack Dancer > :-)
K'Roa T'Jal > ya .. this thing is tanked like a beast too
K'Roa T'Jal > did i make a dent in your cap at all?
Jack Dancer > Not sure.  Too much going on to pay attention...
K'Roa T'Jal > hehe =)
K'Roa T'Jal > good ole pvp shakes
Jack Dancer > yup
Jack Dancer > You made some serious dents in my armor.
K'Roa T'Jal > little rifter though it was ... you still got my blood up =)  thanks
Jack Dancer > Thanks to you too.

Looking back at the logs, the drones were tearing me up - but the missiles weren't doing too much damage (I tried to keep my speed up - orbiting further out than 500m probably would have been a better idea in order to keep a high rate of speed to avoid the missile damage...).

It was a fun adrenalin fight for both of us.

My personal "Death to Flying Things" score is now 8-21-1.


  1. Oh noes! How are you going to keep things tidy without your janitor? That's a tough loss.

    Also, a Gila is technically a Guristas faction cruiser, not T2.

  2. I was happy to see that the exotic dancer survived to dance another day - though for someone other than me... The loss of the janitor was a blow - but I have others in line for the job and will find a replacement.

    I'll fix that T2/faction cruiser error - my ship knowledge is sometimes a bit on the hazy side... Thanks!

  3. Exotic dancers come and go. They'll dance for anyone. But cleaning out pod goo is a private matter, between capsuleer and janitor.