Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's In My Hangar?

With many of the blogs I read having a common theme lately (“What’s in my hangar”) I thought I’d add my list. 

As you might guess, for a blog titled, “Jack Dancer – Rifter Pilot” mine isn’t too complicated…

1 – Cheetah
1 – Hound
1 – Wolf
1 – Rupture  
1 – Bestower
5 – Thrashers
224(!) – Rifters

The Cheetah, Hound, Wolf, and Rupture were purchased to fill up space on a Black Frog delivery (and possibly as future ships to fly).  The Bestower for hauling junk around.  The 5 Thrashers are for ganking and general high jinks.  And the 224 Rifters are what they are…

On a related note, my hauler alt managed to slip an Iteron V industrial through Bosena and into Heild loaded with rifter hulls, modules, ammo and implants last night.  It was an exciting trip with a different alt acting as scout and checking the gates (the scout was targeted, but managed to warp off before being destroyed by one of my Black Rebel brothers…).  The Iteron is now back safe in high sec.

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