Monday, May 14, 2012

Short Trip to Null Sec

With the realization that I have far too many rifters sitting around and that I had been spending far too much time with my explorer alt finding profitable radar and DED sites (which is a lot of fun and very profitable) - I rededicated myself to getting Jack Dancer more active.

First stop - Null Sec.

I recently watched the excellent Kil2 video on finding fights using the map and followed his method.  I mapped out a route through some active systems - Ubtes, 7Q-8Z2 and to a final destination of U3K-4A (a dead end system in the Great Wildlands) - a very convenient route from Heild.

Things started off well.  The low sec jumps were completely empty and the entry system at 7Q was pretty quiet - just 4 or 5 pilots in local.  I searched around for them with no luck.  So I moved on.

SUR-F7 was also quiet.  So I moved on.

OK-6XN was definitely not quiet.  I landed in some of those warp bubbles that I had heard about.  Oh oh, that's trouble.  I was 12k from the gate with a Federation Navy Comet, a Heretic, and a Rapier on top of me.  I didn't panic (though I probably should have...) and tried to return to the gate with my afterburner overheating and armor repper fired up.

My rifter didn't make it.

Neither did my pod.

Well, it's a start on getting Jack more active - I found some pvp...  I probably should have been flying with an empty head.  Though the price on the lossmail of those implants is much higher than what I actually paid (for instance, I bought scores of the SP-803s for about 20k instead of the 700k on the loss mail).  

I'll be back for more.  But maybe not back to OK-6XN...  

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