Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daily Double

Last night I was working on a little project that may get reported here sometime in the near future – hauling some equipment and grabbing some skillbooks (Jack Dancer needs to learn how these drone thingies work…) when I noticed the owner of the previous day’s stabber kill was back in Auner.

This time in a thrasher destroyer (I knew because the ship’s name was “ahmad maarkeer’s thrasher” – just a word of advice – it’s tougher for us nasty pirates to sort things out if you change the name of your ship**).  I scanned him down to a FW site and saw that he had a another destroyer, a Talwar, with him.  I might try one or the other with my rifter – but both destroyers?  That seemed a bit much. 

After a trip or two to Hek I sorted out the name of the talwar pilot from the comings and goings in local and he was even newer to Eve than the thrasher pilot.  So, maybe I would give a try at killing two destroyers with my frigate.

I switched over to a rifter and headed for the FW acceleration gate with everything turned up to 11.  I landed and jumped.

And I was right on top of the thrasher.  The talwar was about 30k away.  I scrambled, webbed, and orbited the thrasher – spewing out death from my autocannons.  In short order he exploded.

I then turned my attention to the talwar, fully expecting him to warp away.  But he was brave and met my attack.  Only to die in a fireball a few seconds later.

GFs were exchanged in local this time and the pilots (who I learned later were brothers) had some questions…

How did I restore the damage from the thrasher before fighting the talwar?  (answer: armor repper)

How did I turn their missiles around to attack them?  (answer: I had missiles too – it was my rockets doing the damage to the talwar – not their missiles)

Why didn’t the thrasher do more damage to my ship?  (answer: T1 weapons are not very powerful)

Why did the missiles from the talwar not hit me?  (answer: I was in a small ship going fast – missiles have a hard time hitting a target like that)

I gave them some additional advice about getting their pods out quicker and promised not to continue picking on them…

** Of course, truly nasty pirates sometimes name their ships with the name of inexperienced pilots that are in system to trick other nasty pirates into over confidence…


  1. That was a Talwar destroyer. A Talos is one of the new battlecruisers, and a much tougher nut.

    Good job on taking them both on and winning!