Sunday, January 13, 2013

Me and My Big Mouth...

So I undock from Auner with a rifter and see a firetail on scan.  Excellent!  I can see how fighting a firetail feels from the other side!  I immediately track him down to a FW site and turn everything up to 11.  Attack!

It turned out to be an excellent fight.  I was flying an armor rifter with 400mm reinforced rolled tungsten plates and no repper.  It had some rigs from months ago when R1FTA had a T1 tournament, so I just updated the modules to T2 and hoped for the best.

It took a long time to get through the firetail's shields and I was hoping that once I did (I was deep in armor at that point) I could take him through armor and structure in short order.  I almost did, but in the end it was me that exploded first.  It was very close and I think he was in structure (or very close to it)...

GFs were exchanged in local and then the pilot, Goto Dengu, asked for a private conversation.  After the greeting formalities were out of the way he said,

     Goto Dengu > hey jack
     Goto Dengu > its good to see you here
     Goto Dengu > i got the idea of the firetail from you
     Goto Dengu > on your blog
     Goto Dengu > so thank you

I only have myself to blame for that rifter loss...

ps - Hi Goto Dengu!