Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovin' Babe! What a Month!

Looking back at the month of January is pretty startling.  Check out my killboard (not something I obsess over as regular readers might have noted…) – I have more kills in January that I’ve had in all of my previous months in Eve combined!  Jack Dancer was born on May 11, 2011 and in the year and a half previous to January 2013 he only had 26 kills (many of them discussed here).  In January he had 36 (previous best month was 5 back in September).  YOW!  And he had a 2-1 positive ratio of kills to deaths (36 kills vs. 18 deaths).  DOUBLE YOW!!

Some of January's numbers were due to participating in the Tusker Free For All (13 kills and 8 deaths).  But mostly two factors have boosted my PvP activity and success:

  1. The move from Heild to Auner
  2. Joining RvB with an alt
Auner is an excellent system for PvP.  Check out the map – Auner is a side system off the main route between high and low sec in Metropolis.  People have to detour to end up here.  Most traffic goes Hek-Hror-Resbroko-Hadozeko (or vice versa).  People have to take a turn off the main route to get to Auner.  That means we get a variety of miners, ratters, and FW participants looking for a quiet spot to ply their trade.

Auner being a contested Faction Warfare system is a great PvP incentive – there are often FW complexes available for FW people to do whatever it is they do in there.  Me, I just land and shoot whoever might be around.  It’s been fun and I’ve had some excellent fights from the FW crowd.  They usually fly PvP-fit frigates or destroyers and many of them are very competent pilots.  And I often head out through Resborko-Hadozeko-Klogori-etc. for solo roams through the FW systems.

I'm also getting confident enough to take on bigger targets.  When flying a rifter or slicer I'll take a crack at destroyers and faction frigates (and have had some luck against both of them).  Check out this thrasher killmail and this firetail killmail as examples.  And even 1v2s (like recently when I was able to kill one rifter but not the other (though I had him in structure when I exploded)...).  I came so close to victory that I tried it a second time with those same pilots with identical results.  And then there was the Stabber Fleet Issue that I tackled at an FW site that led to a fun (and surprisingly long) fight with me eventually blowing up when he was able to slingshot into enough range to have his guns hit me.  But I think xxWarchildxx might have almost been slightly nervous for a short while during that duel...  Almost...

Another very important factor in my recent PvP success is having an alt in RvB.  I’ve been having a lot of solo fights there, learning alot, and enjoying it very much.  I’ve even flown in a few fleets.

This past weekend RvB had a Free For All with 30,000 (thirty thousand!) free T1-fit frigates of all types.  I skilled up my character so that he could fly any frigate and shoot any weapon.  I flew everything from a Rifter to an Imicus to a Punisher to a Executioner to an Ibis.  It was great fun to jump into a frigate, see what it was equipped with (some had only remote reppers and no guns - others might have one laser, one autocannon, and one railgun - and some might be excellent ships like a dual rep Incursus).  It was a real learning experience to fly all the different frigates and fighting against them - plus having more than 100 opponents churning around a gate/station/belt fighting each other was amazing.  A favorite was flying the dual rep Incursus for the first time (I was on 21 killmails with that ship before it finally exploded) and it might be a focus of Jack’s future training.  The Frigate Free For All was great fun.

In the two months that I’ve been in RvB I have more than 200 kills (and more than 100 losses).  It’s been a great way to get experience and learn to relax a bit during combat.  I highly recommend RvB to any new pilots out there looking for PvP experience.

Of course, all this fun has come at a price with Jack Dancer's security status now down past the important -5.0 point (appropriately dropped to those depths when podding an Eve Uni player who was sitting in a Imicus at zero on the sun in Auner with scanning probs out...).  So now that I'm a red flashy character any forays into high sec will come at the risk of being shot at by everyone.  Looks like I'd better settle in and enjoy Auner and the neighborhood...

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