Monday, January 14, 2013

Two for the Price of One!

So last night I popped out of the Auner station in my trusty (errr...  "rusty") rifter to see what a scan would find.  It found a slasher (a frigate) and a stabber (a cruiser) in the direction of one of the FW acceleration gates.  I decided to give them a visit and see if maybe I could kill the slasher before dying to the stabber.

I initiated warp and turned all the dials up to 11 in anticipation of the fight.  When I landed I expected to have to jump through the acceleration gate to find them.  I didn’t know if they were together or maybe fighting each other.

So when I landed on the gate ready to jump I was surprised to find both of them loitering just a couple km away from me!  Fox in the hen house!  Or maybe in this case I was a doomed hen in a fox den!  YOW!

I immediately started orbiting the smaller ship and put all of my modules to good use.  He soon exploded!  \o/

I had barely taken any damage (maybe 20% of my shields were gone – and I was in an armor rifter), so I turned my attention to the cruiser.  I orbited close, scrambled and webbed him, and started piling on the damage.  It took just a few seconds before he was a flaming heap of wreckage!  \o/ \o/  I had lost maybe 30% of my shields at that point.  Hardly a scratch.

Looking at the killmails I can see why it was so easy.  Neither pilot (or was it the same person dual boxing?) was very experienced and neither had mounted an especially fearsome set of modules on their ship.  So hardly a time for joyous celebration at the destruction of a frigate and cruiser by my rifter.  It was a case of fox in the hen house afterall...   

I put a GF in local (which was ignored) and headed back to the station.

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