Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rifter mk1.01 - First Roam - No Results...

I headed out with evil intent and cruised through half a dozen lo-sec systems looking for trouble.  Trouble didn't find me.  I would move into a system, check the local to see how many people were around and do a quick d-scan to see if they were nearby.  Then I'd hop to one of the safe spots that I had previously set up on my "Tourist Bus" tour to more leisurely review the situation. 

I came across a few cruisers and battle cruisers piloted by people with years of experience.  Some T2 frigates and special navy frigates.  Nothing that screamed - I'm the one!  So I would move on to the next system on the list.  Several were empty.  Some had two or three ships of the same corp who were obviously working together.

In the end, I had an interesting couple hours, didn't get killed, and returned to hi-sec in one piece.

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