Monday, May 16, 2011

Tourist Bus!

I took out a rookie ship - the Minmatar Reaper - on a tour of the nearby lo-sec systems.  I figured that in a ship that's provided absolutely free I would be safe enough (who's going to shoot it?) and not worry about loses.

I christened the ship "Tourist Bus" and started visiting the lo-sec systems in the neighborhood to set up various bookmarks to be used in the future when I have evil intentions.  The tour went fine and I continued for several evenings laying out bookmarks for safe spots. 

Only once did I get blown up and I'm still not exactly sure what happened...  I had warped to within 100k of something (a moon?  a base?) and dropped a couple bookmarks on the trip.  I was sitting there trying to decide where to go next when POW! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! RED! RED! RED! and I was in my pod.  My guess is that I somehow got too close to a POS (Player Owned Structure) and the defense guns automatically took advantage of my sitting target to blow me up.  It did give me a chance to practice the "point at a celestial and spam warp" to get the pod to safety.  That seemed to work fine.

So back home in the pod to pick up a new Reaper provided by the friendly insurance company.  (In hindsight I could have stopped at any station where I didn't have a ship to get that free one).

Eventually I ended up with multiple safe bookmarks at most of the nearby lo-sec systems.  I still need to drop a few more in systems that I haven't visited yet, but it's been a very good start.


  1. Yea you probably got too close to a POS at a moon. You can check that. In the neocom under the player character sheet (The one that looks like da Vinci's Renaissance Man) there's a kill log that has both your kills and losses. If the loss is from POS guns you know what happens.

    Generally don't warp to Moons until you can cloak while doing so.


  2. Yup, that's the case. I've been a bit more selective when choosing destinations since that experience...