Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to the World Pirate Jack Dancer!

Blame it on Taurean Eltanin – at least I’m blaming this crazy idea on him.  I somehow stumbled across his blog - – and the idea hit a chord.  I had been playing Eve Online for a couple months and was up to level 3 missions and doing a bunch of exploring in hi-sec space.  Both are activities that I find fun and amusing.  But I’d always wondered about PvP and the pirating life…

I read on Taurean's blog that he bought 20 Punishers (an Amarr frigate) with the intention of losing them all while engaging in PvP – I thought it sounded like a great way to get some new experiences in the game.So I created an alt character, Jack Dancer (named after a pirate from a series of books apparently – thank you and set him on a path of mayhem and plunder.

And I came up with my own plan – I’ll buy an infinite number of Rifters (a Minmatar frigate) and proceed to lose them one at a time pirating and PvPing.  The Rifter is often named the best of all the frigates for this sort of activity – so it seems like a good choice. 

To start off I purchased 20 Rifters (at a cost of 140-230k each) and I seem to have loot enough from my other character’s missioning to equipment them with appropriate T1 modules.  A pretty inexpensive start to the enterprise.

I intend to train the appropriate skills to the point that Jack Dancer can fly the Rifter as well as possible and then I’ll go back to my other character and work on his skills and career path again.

Welcome to the world Pirate Jack Dancer!

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