Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ransom Script

From a thread on Flight of Dragons came the idea of having the victim name the ransom.  Here's the script I hope to (someday!) use...

Greetings!  Interested in paying a ransom to get out of this spot with your ship in one piece?  Stop your engines, stop shooting, recall any drones, and deactivate all of your modules.  I will make you a very fair offer.

Here’s the deal.  You can make me ONE offer of a ransom amount - you know how much your ship is worth to you - and if I like your offer then you pay me and you are free to go.  If I don’t think it is enough, then I will continue with the rain of destruction, I will destroy your ship and I will attempt to capture your pod.  You can only make ONE offer. 

I will not tell you how much I think is enough, there is no bargaining, no discussion, and I will NOT make a counter-offer.  I will either take your offer or destroy your ship (NOT both!).  You have 30 seconds to make your offer from right now. 

If your guns or modules (especially your armor repper!) operate during the 30 second period then the deal is off and I start shooting.

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