Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roamin' and Schoolin'

I roamed around with bad intentions again last night hoping to lose a ship or two (it's definitely time that I had that experience and something I need to get used to) - but had no luck finding anything less than a battlecruiser-size opponent.  That seemed like just too easy of a way to lose a ship, so I passed...  There seems to be a real absence of reasonable targets in low-sec (something that I had read about on blogs by other frigate PvPers) - several systems were totally empty and others had just one or two occupants (often resting in stations).

I also finished training Science to level IV so that I could train Thermodynamics (it's now at III).  And now I'm again back to training Small Projectile Turret V - two more days to go on that one.  Then Electronics to V (I think that might be a 4 day training period).

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