Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Black Rebel Rifter Club has declared war on three evil corporations.  Very evil corporations.  Their average members (a bad mix of miners, haulers, and hi-sec mission runners that makes my blood run cold) make Darth Vader look like a choirboy.  And, apparently, they are not very good at PvP (always a plus in my book when declaring war).

I rambled around the targets' neighborhoods last night (cruising the Essence region between Villore and Isenan) and found a couple flashing red targets - but they were lounging around in stations unwilling to come out and face the wrath of my shiny new Rifter - the SS George Gobel.

Unfortunately, tonight and tomorrow night I have other responsibilites so the all-powerful SS George Gobel won't be able to wreck havoc on our evil enemies.  But, if there are any left on Thursday night - they should look out!


  1. Transporting contraband and mining without a permit are serious offenses. Unfortunately I will be AFK for this one. Make the criminals pay!

  2. I'm doing my best, but the criminals have obviously heard of the SS George Gobel and are fleeing from my vicinity. I woke up this morning in a high security system (Droselory) in the heart of the criminal area and I was the only occupant of the entire system! A quick survey of 3 nearby low security areas found no criminal activity or activity of any kind really.

    The patrols will continue!