Saturday, August 27, 2011

Death to Flying Things Campaign Score 1-6

There's this guy named Szilardis that hangs around Hek and Auner looking for 1v1 fights.  We chatted a few days ago in local and he was happy to see a frigate in Auner.  I took a rain check on the offered 1v1.  He seemed like a nice enough guy.

So today I was wandering around Hadozeko, Resbroko (that is one biiiiiiggg system) and Auner looking for mischief.  In Auner I noticed a Cormorant on the D-Scan and looked up what a "Cormorant" might be.  A destroyer.  Destroyers are often referred to as frigate killers.  They have 7 guns compared to my 3.  Sure death.

But, part of my personal Death to Flying Things Campaign is to take on all comers from shuttles to battleships.  So when I managed to narrow down the Cormorant's location with D-Scan I overheated everything and flew in with guns blazing!

It was Szilardis.  Excellent!  Finally I can give him the fight that he wanted!  I attacked with renewed gusto.  Look out Szilardis!!!

30 seconds later BOOM!  I was in my pod.

The Cormorant pretty much went right through my overheated modules like a laser through styrofoam.  Thinking back on it, I'm not exactly sure that I ever pushed the big red "Armor Repper" button on the console.  That might have been part of it, but certainly not a determining factor.

Watch out Szilardis!  I will get my revenge!

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