Sunday, August 7, 2011

DeepHole Trild at Hek - Combat Scammer

I'm back from the trip to Oregon (great fun - found both fossils and nebulae) and I spent some time moving fully equipped Rifters from Hek to Hadozeko (and making the return flight in my pod) in anticipation of the September campaign.

As I was leaving Hek in a new Rifter ("SS Bobo") I received a convo request from DeepHole Trild and accepted (I'm a friendly guy and always up for a chat)...

[ 2011.08.07 15:20:34 ] DeepHole Trild > hi there
[ 2011.08.07 15:20:39 ] Jack Dancer > Greetings
[ 2011.08.07 15:20:41 ] DeepHole Trild > want to test frigs?
[ 2011.08.07 15:20:48 ] Jack Dancer > What are you flying?
[ 2011.08.07 15:20:53 ] DeepHole Trild > or train frigs
[ 2011.08.07 15:21:05 ] DeepHole Trild > rifter
[ 2011.08.07 15:21:13 ] Jack Dancer > Same here.
[ 2011.08.07 15:21:29 ] DeepHole Trild > top planet?
[ 2011.08.07 15:22:14 ] DeepHole Trild > agreed to stop at 1/3 of armor?
[ 2011.08.07 15:22:31 ] Jack Dancer > Sounds fine.

So off I go to top planet.  DeepHole is there and we orbit each other - nothing happens and since we're in hi sec I'm not shooting first...  He drops a can and I steal the 1 ammo from it.  Still nothing happens.  I'm now red to him but he's still not red to me.  So I tell him that he gets to shoot first.  He comes back with some silliness about how I'm a month older than he is, so I should shoot first.  Fine I say, I'll drop a can for you.  I drop a can with one of my favorite dancing girls in it - Gina.  I tell him to steal from the can.  He shoots it (RIP Gina) and says, "I don't see a can".  Ahhhh...  So that's the game is it?  I say "This is pointless, bye" and head to Hadozeko to deliver my Rifter.

It was the old, "Get the noob to shoot first so he gets Concorded" trick...  I should have known when he said, "want to test frigs" - a classic scammer line...

If you're passing through Hek and run across DeepHole Trild don't expect a fair fight.

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