Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Death to Flying Things Score - 1-5

Finally a kill!

Maybe not the most glorious of kills, but a kill none the less...

I had a half hour, so I thought I'd fly my pod over to Hek and bring a fully fitted rifter (with a full cargo bay) back to Auner.  No problem.  The neighborhood was quiet.  As I flew back to the Black Rebel base in Auner I noticed that there was a thrasher on d-scan - cleverly named, "Orimihazuharaxi's Thrasher".  Hmmm...  I dropped off my full cargohold of afterburners into the corp hangar on Auner (have fun with them Rebels!) and then considered my options.

Thrashers are destroyers with LOTS of guns and nicknamed "frigate killers", so I was in no hurry to go looking for it.  But on the other hand, someone that didn't have the sense to rename his ship might be worth checking out.  I looked at the info on Orimihazuharaxi and sure enough, he was just a week-old player.  I wondered what he was up to here in low sec space?

I flew around a bit and used d-scan to look at the various asteroid belts using 15 degree scan and finally found where he was located.  Damage Control Unit on.  Check.  Everything overheated.  Check.  Warp to zero!

Sure enough, there was Orimihazuharaxi's thrasher shooting some rats with wrecks all around him.  Just 20k away.  I targeted him, turned on the afterburner, and headed towards him in a violent and reckless manner.  Attack!

Well, my attack didn't seem to make any difference.  He just kept shooting the rats.  He was apparently a very cool customer.

He kept shooting the rats.  I kept shooting him.  He was extremely cool.


Eventually he killed the second (and last) remaining rat and finally noticed me with his shields gone and his armor disappearing quickly too (looking at the combat log afterwards it turns out I hit him 20 (twenty!  XX!) times before he finally shot at me!).  I then was on the receiving end of a couple incoming missles and some titanium sabot from his 200mm T1 autocannons but he was doomed.  With me at half shields he exploded!

Finally.  A victory.  The first of Jack Dancer's career.

We exchanged pleasantries in local:

[ 2011.08.17 03:16:48 ] Jack Dancer > GF
[ 2011.08.17 03:17:16 ] Orimihazuharaxi > why the fuckunk bitch is this nacisery?
[ 2011.08.17 03:18:00 ] Jack Dancer > Stick to hi sec, it'll be much safer for you.
[ 2011.08.17 03:18:12 ] Orimihazuharaxi > leave me alon already dont want any of you
[ 2011.08.17 03:18:20 ] Orimihazuharaxi > get lost

And I waited out my GCC in a safe spot before returning to the station.


  1. Congratulations on poppin the cherry \o/

    I may be able to provide some insight in his frustration ;-)

    Several hours earlier;

  2. Thanks. Yes, I did notice that he had met the Black Rebels previously. Hopefully he'll do his ratting in high sec until he knows the ropes. It was weird to find him in Auner like that - especially afterwards when I saw that he had experienced the Wrath of the Rebels already...