Saturday, August 13, 2011

Death to Flying Things Score - 0-4

I was in Auner minding my own business - setting up exit safes from the various stations - when I was accosted by Walmart in a rifter.  I looked at the info on Walmart and he was much more experienced than I am - he's been playing since early in 2002.  But I'm out to find fights, so there was no turning back.

Have I mentioned that I hate fighting rifters?  I do, so I had some second thoughts, but Walmart seemed keen on the idea as he chased me down with an obviously WMD equipped ship as I was cruising along with by AB running.  I hoped that the WMD might sap his capacitor and not leave him with much repping ability, so that gave me hope.

Once I had put down a couple more safe exit points I turned my Rifter of Fury and attacked with everything overheated and barrage blazing out of my newly installed T2 150mm autocannons.

We went through armor together.

It was close!

We went through shields together.

It was very close!

We both hit structure at about the same time - me just a second or two before he did.

It was extremely close!

We continued to pummel each other and I was the first to explode.

Afterwards in local Walmart noted that he was at 4% hull and on fire when the battle ended.  Can't get much closer than that!

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