Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death to Flying Things Score - 0-5

So there I was, once again minding my own business...

Out of curiosity, I had warped to a "Minmatar Minor Stronghold" in Hadezeko just to see what it was.  I passed through the acceleration gate and came across a few rat frigates and some abandoned wrecks.  Hmmm...  Maybe I'll have my friend google help me figure out what this is all about.

Interestingly enough, there are zero hits on "minmatar minor stronghold".  Now that's something that can make a guy curious.  No google hits?  Don't see that very often.  Maybe a bit more research can come up with something.  Hmmm...  Maybe look at the words separately and not the complete phrase...  Is minmatar spelled like that?  Hmm... Wait!  What's this?  Hello?  Did I hear something in the computer speakers?!?!!

I quickly return to the Eve Online screen to find myself under attack by Fuzzyface in a Navy Slicer!  YOW!  All hands on deck!

I immediately turned on my damage control unit (probably should have had that rascal running before), overheated everything (ditto on probably should have had that running before...) and also hit all the usual buttons (orbit, target, fire autocannons, warp scramble, web, nos, and armor repper).  For a while I held on, but then for some reason (in the heat of the battle I didn't quite see what - distance?  my cap ran out so repper turned off? something else?) the Slicer started slicing through my defenses.  I never got through half of his shields.

My rifter exploded.

Time for a new ship and another adventure!

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