Friday, October 19, 2012

Sentinel on Scan!

I had just completed the 2/10 DED site in Heild and picked up a Gistii module worth 14 million isk, so I figured that would pay for a couple frigate losses.  I went looking for targets.

There was an incursus flying around with a relatively new pilot.  I almost caught up with him at the sun a couple times and also at the DED site.  But zigged when I should have zagged and we never were on grid at the same time.

Then I saw a sentinel piloted by Erick Odin (an experienced pilot) at the DED site.  I've never fought a sentinel, so I looked to see what it was as I warped in with everything turned up to 11 on my slasher.  It's an electronic attack ship with bonuses for energy vampires and energy neutralizers.  Hmmm...  We'll see how this goes.

I landed a ways away and started burning towards my prey.  We both targeted each other and I set my orbit and activated all my modules.  Immediately I heard that calm voice say, "The capacitor is empty."  That didn't take long!  My autocannons continued to fire, but I was doomed since none of my other modules were working...  I blew up.

GFs were exchanged in local and Erick Odin offered me the modules that had survived the slasher's destruction (he had no room in his sentinel since it was packed with cap boosters...).

Personal Death to Flying Things Campaign score: 16-41-1

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's a Trap!

So I had a jump clone and a rifter (just one) in Eugales.  I decided it would be a good idea to pick up both of them and move to somewhere that I could use them more.  And if the rifter blew up on the way, so much the better.

I stopped in Dodixie to do some business then headed out on a roam.  I jumped into low sec via the Jel/Egghelende gate.  That jump still gives me chills up and down my spine.  As a 2 week old character (not Jack Dancer - it was my explorer alt) I picked up a level 2 mission (or something) that required a delivery to Egghelende.  I put the package in my Iteron II and hoped for the best on my first trip to low sec land of pirates.  Instead of good luck I was destroyed, podded, and decided to change mission agents... Jel/Egghelende is a scary place!

But back to this story.

I passed through Egghelende without trouble and in Siseide saw a procurer (a mining barge) and a condor in an asteroid belt.  I assumed the condor was destroying the barge, but just to be sure I immediately turned everything up to 11 and headed that way.  I landed near the procurer and instead of fleeing he just sat there while I approached.  Excellent!  Though, at the time it seemed a bit odd...

I attacked and was amazed at how little damage I was doing.  I then remembered reading something about mining barges having their defenses buffed.  And this one might have been especially buff...

At about that time the condor arrived and there were hobgoblin drones flying around everywhere.  I tried to target the condor, but he was 20k away and using some sort of voodoo so that I couldn't target him.  I was in a tough spot.  I tried to burn away to get out of range so my warp drive would kick in - but no luck.

I held on longer than I thought I would against the drones, but eventually I blowed up.

I made a couple obvious mistakes.  One was not running from what was obviously a trap (though losing a rifter worth 6 million isk isn't really a big loss... so I'm not sure this is a "mistake").  Another was not targeting the hobgoblins.  They were doing all the damage and I should have tried to destroy them.

So it goes.

GFs were exchanged in local and my Death to Flying Things Campaign score is currently 16-40-1.

Wow, that was quick...

I was up on a Sunday morning and hadn't had my morning coffee - but I thought I'd see what was happening in Heild as the coffee was brewing.

I took out the new slasher to my safe scanning spot and looked around.  A daredevil at the Plex - no thanks.  An industrial at a POS - no luck.  A merlin at the sun.  Yes.  That's the one I'm looking for!

I turned everything up to 11 and headed to the sun at range (my strategy was to orbit at 6k and destroy the rascal with barrage ammo).  I arrived with a finger poised over the Ctrl key in anticipation of locking my unfortunate opponent.

False alarm.  The neighborhood of  the sun was empty.  So I started scanning around to see where the merlin might be.  As I'm doing this CraftyCroc arrived in that daredevil I'd spotted earlier.  Since I was trying out a new ship and since one of the goals of the Death to Flying Things Campaign is to shoot stuff for experience rather than glory - I attacked.  I knew I had little (none?) chance of surviving.

From the start my plan didn't go very well.  CraftyCroc had craftily landed right on top of me - he must  have selected the same range as I had.  And my attempts to orbit at 6k were not going well when I noticed that we were inside 1k.  I think a daredevil might be a bit quicker than my slasher...

Plus there was the damage he was dispensing from his light neutron blasters  Things appeared on my screen like:

  • CraftyCroc (Light Neutron Blaster II) hits you for 370 damage


  • CraftyCroc (Light Neutron Blaster II) hits you for 402 damage

Not surprisingly (just 21 seconds after I first hit "approach" to initiate combat), I blowed up.

GFs were exchanged in local and I went back for another in a never ending line of ships.

Death to Flying Things score: 16-39-1

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's Up?

While you might not know it from reading this blog - I have been pretty active recently during the past month.  Mostly losing rifters (7) and a thrasher (1) while killing a punisher.  Not a very good ratio - but it was fun.

Lost twice to the famous Sard Caid.  The most recent loss is here at the 2 hour 34 minute mark on one of Sard's videos. It's fun to see a fight from the other side - and actually have time to see what happens during that minute of mayhem...  Thanks Sard!

Jack Dancer is down to just 3 more skills to complete the Infamous Rifter Plan.  Propulsion Jamming will be at 5 in a couple days, then Acceleration Control to 5 and Shield Management to 5 and I'm done.  A bit less than a month of training for those three skills.  Next up will be Assault Ships.

Jack Dancer's Death to Flying Things Campaign Score: 16-38-1