Friday, December 14, 2012

Graduation Day!

With completion of Acceleration Control V yesterday, I'm finished with the Infamous Rifter Plan made famous (errr...  infamous) by Kirith Darkblade.  The plan is designed to max out all the skills that a rifter pilot uses - to put him at the top of the heap (skillwise at least - I still have a long way to go with my personal flying abilities...).  The skills are also valuable for other Minmatar ships.

I took a few sidetrips while on the plan.  I skilled up my covert ops skills to be able to fly a Cheetah probing ship.  I also studied Assault Frigates to level V so that I can fly the Wolf (a meaner Rifter).  And I got my destroyer skill up to V.  I also put a few levels of training into the alts on this account (a trader and a hauler) to allow them to do what they need to do.  But generally, I have been working on the plan since I started this blog.

I did leave 3 skills uncompleted (listed below in red).  They are at level IV instead of V and I can't really see the need to boost them to 5 - two are fitting skills and I can fit everything I need right now and the other is a minor skill that keeps damage from bleeding through shields to armor (currently it would happen 5% of the time and for 15 days of training I can drop that 1 in 20 possibility to a 0 in 20 possibility).

So, unless there's something I missed, I'm done with rifter training and will be moving on to training for non-Minmatar frigates (and their weapon systems) and things like interceptors and cruisers plus the new ecm compensation skills.

Here's the Infamous Rifter Plan with my current skill levels:

- Electronics V
- Propulsion Jamming V
- Signature Analysis V

- Energy Management V
- Energy Systems Operation V
- Engineering V
- Shield Management V
- Shield Operation V
- Tactical Shield Manipulation IV

- Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV
- Gunnery V
- Motion Prediction V
- Rapid Firing V
- Sharpshooter V
- Small Autocannon Specialisation V
- Small Projectile Turret V
- Surgical Strike V
- Trajectory Analysis V
- Weapon Upgrades V

- Hull Upgrades V
- Jury Rigging III
- Mechanic V
- Projectile Weapon Rigging IV
- Repair Systems V

Missile Launcher Operation
- Missile Bombardment V
- Missile Launcher Operation V
- Missile Projection V
- Rapid Launch V
- Rocket Specialisation V
- Target Navigation Prediction V
- Warhead Upgrades V

- Acceleration Control V
- Afterburner V
- Evasive Manouvering V
- Fuel Conservation V
- Navigation V
- Warp Drive Operation V

- Thermodynamics V

Spaceship Command
- Minmatar Frigate V
- Spaceship Command V