Friday, January 1, 2016

Godzilla II

Well, that was interesting.

I took Godzilla II out tonight (Godzilla I was lost last night to a corpmate's Maulus - I apparently stumbled onto some sort of RvB free-for-all and everyone was shooting everyone...), but as I was saying, I took Godzilla II out tonight looking for trouble and found it.

After cruising around Syndicate in null sec and zigging every time I should have zagged when finding other solo pilots (these coming and goings on the gates can be confusing) I finally managed to stumble across a Sabre sitting alone on a gate.  But (of course) I was set to automatically jump through the gate to the other side and when I did I discovered a pair of his mates in a Svipul and Deimos.  I managed to elude them by warping toward a station (but ended up stuck in a warp bubble part way there...).  I decided to turn around (about the time the Svipul and Deimos also arrived in the bubble) and motored my way to the edge before heading back to the gate with the Sabre on the other side.

I jumped through and landed right next to the Sabre.  Excellent!

I set an orbit, turned everything up to 11 (overheat) and hit my damage control.  Things were going reasonably well.  Until the Svipul and Deimos arrived to help the Sabre.  Along with an Astero eventually (to join in on the killmail for my empty pod...).

So Godzilla II accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do - a bit of excitement and fun.