Monday, May 4, 2015

What Have I Been Up To?

With Jack Dancer abandoning his mediocre pirating career in favor of the Credo of the Signal Cartel Corporation – things have changed a bit.  Jack donated all of the pirating ships and modules and boosters and other miscellaneous junk in his Auner hangers to the Black Rebel Rifter Club.  It’s amazing how much junk can pile up.  The final price tag on all of that stuff was about 2.5 billion isk.  I’m sure they’ll make much better use of it than I ever would have.

Now Jack Dancer spends his Eve time sorting out the various wormholes in Thera.  Getting them added to tripwire so that is accurate is something that we have several Signal Cartel members working on during all the time zones. It’s fun to see where the wormholes lead and occasionally I’ll grab some loot out of relic sites in wh space or null space when I’m there. 

My Jita station trader is doing a bang-up business in faction modules and implants.  Mostly I trade items that sell for 50m – 150m now.  Currently I have about 8 billion in buy orders and 7 billion in sell orders.  This business has expanded quite a bit in the last 6 weeks or so.  I added items to my trade list and now deal in about 60 items.  These are not high volume items - so I buy one or two at a time and turn around and sell them.  I update my orders every morning before work (it takes about 15 minutes) and sometimes in the evenings when I get home.  This trading provides the funds (plus some extra) to purchase a couple PLEX every month for the two accounts.

But, it’s not all gravy…

I managed to hit a wrong key a couple months ago and ended up with about 15 of an item at 150m each.  Having that many (when on an average day only 2 or 3 sell) isn’t ideal, but no disaster.  Until I notice the price tanking.  It dropped to 120m and I decided to hang onto them until the price rebounded.  Then it hit 100m.  I hoped it would come back.  Then 80m and I started panicking.  I dropped my price (from 160m where I has originally stuck it) to the current sell price (about 80m) and expected to take a loss.  Then the price continued to drop.  I’m currently down to about 7 in stock and they’re selling for 70m each (people offer 50m in the buy orders).  So now every time I sell one for 70 million, I'm losing 80 million on the deal.  Six month ago they were selling for 400m…  Unfortunate, but stuff happens…

I have another character that’s sitting in a C2 wormhole with a corporation that’s mostly involved (both the character and the corporation) in PI (a 5 minute daily task).  He occasionally runs relic and data sites that pop up (the null sec ones that don’t have sleepers).  He also occasionally does some gas mining (including killing sleepers to clear the way for the arrival of his venture gas mining ship).  Plus he’ll occasionally sit cloaked in a data or relic site in a bomber in hopes of catching an explorer.  Most often he just scares them rather than killing them due to a variety of mistakes… 

Another character is devoted to manufacturing.  This is the newest occupation for any of my characters.  I’ve tucked him away in a backwater station that’s relatively cheap for manufacturing, but relatively close to a major trade hub.  He’s currently pumping out nanite repair paste, large shield extender IIs, and copies of researched Bowhead blueprints (the original came courtesy of a shopping trip via a wh that Jack discovered leading from Thera to the Outer Ring region).  Now that I have this character settled (the move took place yesterday with a couple freighter’s full of materials and blueprints passing through the always scary  - and even more so on a Sunday afternoon - Niarja…), I’ll be working on sorting out what he can research and manufacture.  This character is not meant to be a money producer – but rather a content source.  If he makes isk, fine.  If not, I doubt that he’ll be a big isk drain as long as I’m not stupid with the choices of modules/ships he builds.  It’s fun to think that the bowhead I see flying in space might have been built from a blueprint copy that I researched and sold.

Another character is stuck away in a nice corner of low sec doing PI.  Interestingly, the system he is in has customs offices by a corporation (not his) that only charges 2% on transfers.  That’s a refreshing change from the usual 8-15% that I have found in low sec customs offices.  This character is also my go-to character for null sec exploration – he has a jump clone in an NPC station in Stain and I’m often out there looking for Sansha relic sites since I can do my daily 5 minutes of PI updates from any location.  He flies an interceptor and hasn’t been caught yet by the locals.  But eventually, he probably will.  This guy is also my hauling character capable of flying a freighter, a jump freighter (I have one, but it just seems too complicated/scary and he’s never actually made a jump with it) and an orca.  He’s currently training to fly a bowhead (I have one of those too – not built with one of my blueprints though…).

And to wrap up the family I have a character in RvB that rarely gets into fleets and 1v1 action.

It’s a nice collection of characters that give me an opportunity to dabble in something different every time I sit down at the computer.